Monday, 1 August 2011

The New Shop

I am now the owner of this lovely debit called a retail store. Chris and I purchased this shop 108 Murray Street. It is the Betts and Betts shoe shop.


  1. Oh Kim & Chris, Congratulations!!! Can I hope for NO STAIRS this time???
    I actually called into Kornercraft last Sat from about 4.15 til 5pm, as I am going stir crazy stuck at home all the time. I didnt know you were about to have a sale...damn! I could have saved a bit of money grrrr... Ha..ha.. no really doesnt matter. Cant wait to get back to sewing/quilting again. It has only been 9 weeks since my surgery so still cant do much, but love to hear from you. Congrats again! Hugs from Sue x

  2. Every time I walk past I put my nose to the glass to see what I can see in the way of progress!