Monday 24 May 2021

 You will need to ensure that get the quilt top flat. The flatter the top is from the start the better you will be able to  do your quilting. Remember your iron is your best friend for this job. Do not add embellishments such as buttons, beads, ribbons to the quilt top prior to your quilting process as they will get in the way of the sewing machine needle.

If you washed your top fabrics then you should wash the your backing fabric as well. If seams are needed to get the back large enough, then trim the selvage edge from the seams and press them open. It is easier to do this if you stitch the seams at 1/2 inch. Your backing must be 4 to 6 inches larger than the quilt top. This will allow space for the pinning process and for the layering that takes place. Make sure the back is trimmed and straight.

Batting also needs to be 4 to 6 inches larger than the quilt top. Batting is one of those items that you “get what you pay for”. Be aware, the cheaper the batting, the poorer the quality. The quality of a batting will have an effect on your finished quilt. I will be discussing batting in a future post. So stay tuned.

Tuesday 21 January 2014

Summers Holidays Cleanout

The summer holiday end next week, the school children will be back to school after Australia Day, 4 weeks after Christmas already. I find that after christmas madness is a great time to reflect on last year activities as I start to plan for the new year. It is also a time to have a clean out around the shop.

The Christmas fabric has been on sale for awhile and needs to be cleared out. So a tidy up of the Christmas fabric shelf creates more room to bring in new fabric. This then leads to looking at each fabric shelfs, as we rearrange the fabric around to freshen what we have in stock but to also remove those bolts which only have minimal amounts on so we are making fat1/4 bundles, putting 1 metre end of bolt fabric on to our mini bolt cards to create more shelf space. So we are having a sale on the fat1/4, 1 metre mini bolts and 6 1/2" x 6 strips of fabric till Saturday 25th January, which is visit your local quilt shop day.

I Love My Quilt Shop
So come along to sale and get some great bargins.


Wednesday 6 November 2013

A sewing machine to dream about

Brother have just released its new range of sewing machine for 2013. They have called the V series with names like Dreamweaver for the machines that sew and do embroidey, the Dreammaker is embroidery only and the Dreamcreater is sewing only. Brothers dream series of sewing machines.

The technical advances in sewing machines is amazing these days.These machines all have a large workspace of 11.25" so that you can get a large quilt in easily to piece together or quilt the layer while using the new Mu-vit Dual feed foot. This foot is only available on the Dreamcreater series of machines it is powerful foot can feed the fabric from the top and bottom using a belt system. It can sew through a range of fabric like leather, denim,and soft silk with ease. The other amazing feature is you can turn it off without taking the foot off. A great time saver.

The lighting is greatly improved with 10 inch strip lights making them 50% brighter than the original Quattro series of sewing and embroidery machines. I do like the fact that if you own the previous models of Brother Quattro and want the features of the new machine you can get upgrade kits. This allows you to keep up without having to buy a whole new machine. These are the upgrade kits available.

If you buy a Brother sewing machinenow until the end of December in Australia you can win a dream holiday for two people to Langkawi and Kuala Lumpar in Malaysia valued up to $9,000. Entery details and how to enter.

Tuesday 27 August 2013

At the Janome 2013 conference

Currently in las Vegas for the Janome conference, where the new model Janome sewing machine Memory Craft 15000 has been released. It has so many features that we have had 2 session to complete a sample.

Can not wait till we get our own machine to have a more opportunities to have a play.check the machine in this link.

Thursday 7 March 2013

National Quilting Day 16th March

Worldwide Quilting Day is March 16th this year and many quilt shops around the world will be celebrating with store events, discounts, giveaways, special classes, demonstrations, and now.... The Seven Summits Strip Quilt Challenge!

There are so many people who love to quilt and so to celebrate we are asking all quilters to join in and celebrate this day doing the challenge. So worldwide there will be people stitching, pressing and trimming their way up to the heights of mountains by counting every inch of every jelly roll. So join others to scale the seven summits with hunderds of fabric strips made in to quick and easy quilt tops.
The aim to to share the passion of quilting with like minded people. So gather around some gorgeous fabric, serve some food and sew till you finish with your friends, local quilt group or shop. The sound of machines humming and the flow of conversations will turn it into a party. So here is how to make the quilt. the video to watch it in action.
Strip quilt race Quilt top
What you need is:
1 jelly roll (2 1/2" strips)
Thread to match
1. Sew each strip together with a 45-degree seam to make one long strip 1,600 inches long.
2. Press seams open
3. Fold the strip in half with right sides together and sew down one side then cut at fold.
4. Fold again in half, sew ,then cut and keep going till you finish your top.

Now how many can you make
Mt Kosciuszko (Australia) 7,310= 5 quilts
Mt Kilimanjaro (Africa) 19,320 ft = 152 quilts
Mt Everest  ( Nepal)  29,029ft = 218 quilts

Thursday 24 January 2013

Are you afraid to get your machine out of the box?

Have you ever received a sewing machine as a gift and have not opened the box 12 months later. So why is there a long delay in owing and using? Is it fear of the new machine, as it is appears more complex than your previous or fear of the unknown as it is a new skill to learn?

While using a sewing machine can be fairly intuitive once it is threaded, to sew a straight seam. The accessories with such array of feet and buttons, dials and display panels on the front of the machine are intimidating at times. Some of the attachments look so weird and difficult to use. But the good news is we can get you started. Be brave and get that machine out of the box. All you need to do is master how to threading up the machine, then wind a bobbin and sewing a straight seam. Easy!

First way to learn  is to visit the shop were you purchased your machine and take advantage of any free lessons that are offered at the time of purchase. As shop owners we know our products and we love to show others the joys of sewing. We are passionate about our craft and very willing to pass on our passion.  Or you may be able to pay for a suitable lesson at your local sewing shop which will get you started.

Classes offer you a opportunity to learn with others and at the same time to meet like minded people. Time shared with others is more fun than being alone. Meeting others who are in a similar situation means you will learn together and because you have made a commitment to attend you will ensure that you get value for money. You may find that you enjoy the sewing experience and join other classes to further enhance your  sewing skills.

If this is not for you then you will have to do it on your own so open that box and start by reading the manual. Work one page at a time with the machine in front of you as you proceed. One step at a time work through a your own pace. You will learn the basics first as the manuals are written in that way to take you through.

You could also ring the sewing shop as they may do lessons on line with the computer or over the phone with you will sit with the machine So if you have received a new machine over Christmas then please take it out of the box and get sewing.

Saturday 29 December 2012

Kornacrafts new Sewing Cafe

The idea of a sewing cafe has been on my mind for a while as they are popular in many English sewing shops.The idea of a sewing cafe is a place that is a haven for all things sewing. They are not just a workshop more of a "sew and natter" style with our staff on hand to offer advice and answer questions.

We are launching our cafe this year and will call the cafe " The Sewing Nook". It will be a social and inspirational place for you to indulge your passion for sewing.We will be offering

  • range of workshops
  • social sewing 
  • sewing by the hour
  • Hen's parties
  • children's craft parties
  • Girl parties
  • Baby shower parties 
In the Sewing Nook there is available space for 8 people making it small and not crowded. the table space as you can see is large allowing the opportunity to spread out a little without upsetting others while they sew. Other equipment available to use while here include.

  • 3 Brother NS10 sewing machine 
  • 3 Janome DC2030 sewing machines  
  • cutting table with cutting mats
  • ironing board and irons
There are two coffee shops nearby where you can order coffee, cakes and lunch on the phone in the kitchen. No need to leave your sewing as will they deliver how easy is that. We do have chilled spring water, tea and coffee facilities in the kitchen to provide those endless cups that go with sewing.

So in the next 2 weeks I plan to launch the Sewing Nook with a party. At the moment I am planning and developing party plans etc.A lot of work but I want to get it right. So feedback would be excellent.

So come and join in the fun at Kornacraft Sewing Centre. We love to meet people who love to sew and enjoy our passion.