Thursday, 7 March 2013

National Quilting Day 16th March

Worldwide Quilting Day is March 16th this year and many quilt shops around the world will be celebrating with store events, discounts, giveaways, special classes, demonstrations, and now.... The Seven Summits Strip Quilt Challenge!

There are so many people who love to quilt and so to celebrate we are asking all quilters to join in and celebrate this day doing the challenge. So worldwide there will be people stitching, pressing and trimming their way up to the heights of mountains by counting every inch of every jelly roll. So join others to scale the seven summits with hunderds of fabric strips made in to quick and easy quilt tops.
The aim to to share the passion of quilting with like minded people. So gather around some gorgeous fabric, serve some food and sew till you finish with your friends, local quilt group or shop. The sound of machines humming and the flow of conversations will turn it into a party. So here is how to make the quilt. the video to watch it in action.
Strip quilt race Quilt top
What you need is:
1 jelly roll (2 1/2" strips)
Thread to match
1. Sew each strip together with a 45-degree seam to make one long strip 1,600 inches long.
2. Press seams open
3. Fold the strip in half with right sides together and sew down one side then cut at fold.
4. Fold again in half, sew ,then cut and keep going till you finish your top.

Now how many can you make
Mt Kosciuszko (Australia) 7,310= 5 quilts
Mt Kilimanjaro (Africa) 19,320 ft = 152 quilts
Mt Everest  ( Nepal)  29,029ft = 218 quilts

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