Thursday, 24 January 2013

Are you afraid to get your machine out of the box?

Have you ever received a sewing machine as a gift and have not opened the box 12 months later. So why is there a long delay in owing and using? Is it fear of the new machine, as it is appears more complex than your previous or fear of the unknown as it is a new skill to learn?

While using a sewing machine can be fairly intuitive once it is threaded, to sew a straight seam. The accessories with such array of feet and buttons, dials and display panels on the front of the machine are intimidating at times. Some of the attachments look so weird and difficult to use. But the good news is we can get you started. Be brave and get that machine out of the box. All you need to do is master how to threading up the machine, then wind a bobbin and sewing a straight seam. Easy!

First way to learn  is to visit the shop were you purchased your machine and take advantage of any free lessons that are offered at the time of purchase. As shop owners we know our products and we love to show others the joys of sewing. We are passionate about our craft and very willing to pass on our passion.  Or you may be able to pay for a suitable lesson at your local sewing shop which will get you started.

Classes offer you a opportunity to learn with others and at the same time to meet like minded people. Time shared with others is more fun than being alone. Meeting others who are in a similar situation means you will learn together and because you have made a commitment to attend you will ensure that you get value for money. You may find that you enjoy the sewing experience and join other classes to further enhance your  sewing skills.

If this is not for you then you will have to do it on your own so open that box and start by reading the manual. Work one page at a time with the machine in front of you as you proceed. One step at a time work through a your own pace. You will learn the basics first as the manuals are written in that way to take you through.

You could also ring the sewing shop as they may do lessons on line with the computer or over the phone with you will sit with the machine So if you have received a new machine over Christmas then please take it out of the box and get sewing.

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