Saturday, 29 December 2012

Kornacrafts new Sewing Cafe

The idea of a sewing cafe has been on my mind for a while as they are popular in many English sewing shops.The idea of a sewing cafe is a place that is a haven for all things sewing. They are not just a workshop more of a "sew and natter" style with our staff on hand to offer advice and answer questions.

We are launching our cafe this year and will call the cafe " The Sewing Nook". It will be a social and inspirational place for you to indulge your passion for sewing.We will be offering

  • range of workshops
  • social sewing 
  • sewing by the hour
  • Hen's parties
  • children's craft parties
  • Girl parties
  • Baby shower parties 
In the Sewing Nook there is available space for 8 people making it small and not crowded. the table space as you can see is large allowing the opportunity to spread out a little without upsetting others while they sew. Other equipment available to use while here include.

  • 3 Brother NS10 sewing machine 
  • 3 Janome DC2030 sewing machines  
  • cutting table with cutting mats
  • ironing board and irons
There are two coffee shops nearby where you can order coffee, cakes and lunch on the phone in the kitchen. No need to leave your sewing as will they deliver how easy is that. We do have chilled spring water, tea and coffee facilities in the kitchen to provide those endless cups that go with sewing.

So in the next 2 weeks I plan to launch the Sewing Nook with a party. At the moment I am planning and developing party plans etc.A lot of work but I want to get it right. So feedback would be excellent.

So come and join in the fun at Kornacraft Sewing Centre. We love to meet people who love to sew and enjoy our passion.  

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