Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Here is the back shed going up.

Here are pictures taken on Tuesday of the back wall of the storage shed. The old front doors were used so we get a bit of light in the store room but it will allow for large items to be received as they are wide doors.
Chris and I have played around on paper trying to work out were to place the racks for storage. Fun and games as it like a large jigsaw puzzle. The back wall will be completed today we hope with the roof going on tommorrow. Things are happening at a great rate now.

The carpet tiles have been brought for the shop floor so they will be laid just before we move. Need to keep them clean and neat. They are a blue/grey colour with a stripe pattern that is laid at 90 degree angles to create the pattern.

More photos will be uploaded when I recharge my camera it just went flat.

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