Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Sewing Guild Convention in Adelaide

 This week I have been at the Sewing Guild Convention which is being held at Immanuel College. There has been 120 ladies in classes learning and sewing. They have made leather bags, used cover stitch sewing machines to make scarfs all provided by Brother International. This photo shows all the machines that have been on loan all week. My role was to book out machines and support the machines. There were 3 pallets I have never seen so many in one room. We have to unpack and repack all the machines as we loan to the participants.

This how we set up the machines on Sunday for orientation. This was a opportunity for them to be familiar with the machines that were on loan for the week. The machines were Coverstitch, overlocker, GS 3700 sewing machine and NS 30 sewing machine. All the machines have performed well.  I did not get a opportunity to get pictures of some of the items the ladies were making they have photos on this link .
so check them out.

The convention finishes tomorow night with a grand dinner and the winner of the competition receives their prize from Brother International. Lucky lady .

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