Sunday, 15 January 2012

The rain that fell last Saturday

Last Saturday at about 6.30pm Chris and I walked up to the old shop. We had one last load of gear to pack in to the ute. The sewing machine that has been in the front window for the past 5 years was on loan and we were unable to find a spot in the new shop. So we were to load it up to return to its owners. There were a few other items remaining from the clean up of 144 Murray st such as a ladder, brooms etc. Chris moved the ute to the side street when the skies opened. So we stood watching the rain wondering what to do.

 This is the view up the hill the sign on the footpath is the chemist.
The rain was so heavy the drains were not coping as the water level rose we decided to bolted with what we could carry down to 108 as it was under cover. It would save us a trip back to the shop with the last load. These are the photos I took as the rain swelled and started to come down the footpath. After the 11 days of moving stuff I was ready to fight. Armed with brooms it started to come down the path heading for our door. Luckily it missed us but I heard the Commonwealth Bank, Bendigo bank and Savings and Loans were all flooded that afternoon. The water disappeared quickly once it stopped raining and we then when back and loaded the sewing machine in the ute. We had finished we were moved it was a long 11 days.

We slept in on Sunday it was lovely to roll over and sleep a bit more.

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