Friday, 2 March 2012

The Classroom

This the new classroom area in the shop. We have surround the tables with the fabric shelves so you can be inspired as you work on your projects. There is a kitchen area where you can get a drink if needed and the ironing board and the cutting table is there. This encourages you get mobile as you work.

When there are no classes the tables are clear for you to use and spread out fabrics. This means you can audition fabrics with other fabrics or look at border fabric to complete that quilt top you are currently working on.

The only draw back is when a class is on the space can look cluttered with students gear, or customers may feel that they are intruding on a workshop. I not sure how to solve this dilemma at present as there is no where else to put the class unless I reduce my range of stock and divide the end of the shop off to the customers. As this shop is the same size as our previous shop but I am not able to utilise the upstairs rooms due to building standards. This area is accessed by a narrow 24 step staircase which makes it a risk as well as limiting access for people with mobility problems.

If you have any ideas please let me know.

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