Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Hexagons Madness

Hexagon quilts have made a big impact at the moment. Alot of my customers are making quilts with hexagons using paperpiecing methods. They are a great way to use your scraps of fabrics as they only require small amounts of fabric. They are a lovely relaxing way to sew as you watch T.V, or while you wait and just to do in group sewing class. It is very portable way to sew as you only require small pieces of precut fabric with your paper templates, a needle, thread and scissors. Most of the ladies carry them in their handbags so they can pull it out to sew when they want to sew. It makes the waiting time shorter and a quilt grows quickly.

So if you feel inspired  after have a look at the following pictures. http://www.paperpieces.com/ This link will take you to paperpeicing heaven. It is a great spot to see different ways you can do paper piecing. The site also gives you patterns to try for free. 
 I stock paper templates and acrylic templates for you to try this wonderful method of quilting. I can also show you how to cut out hexagons using your westlee rulers so come and see us in the shop for a demonstration.

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