Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Autumn is arriving a bit later than the norm

It is hard to believe that it is autumn when tne weather is over 25C. The past two weeks have been wonderful with warm weather during the day and the night have been so warm. I still have my summer cotton blanket on at nights as it is to hot to have the quilt on. The end of daylight saving on the weekend means that it is starting to feel like winter is on its way. It was getting dark on the way home last night at 6.30pm so I enjoyed a beautiful red sunset as there were few clouds around.

The start of autum means that the weather to sew warm quilts to wrap our loved ones in to keep warm in our love. The colours of autum are subtle greens, rusty reds and oranges tones with a hint of beige.These pictures will get the creativity mojo happening.

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