Sunday, 22 July 2012

Pillowcase Challenge

On Saturday 15th July we hosted a pillowcase class. The goal was to make 30 pillowcases for the Oncology Dept at the Children's Hospital. This is a project set up by young15 yr old girl called Brittany It is Brittany's  Vision for every child undergoing treatment for cancer to receive a pillowcase that will brighten up their room use this link to find out more information. .

I thought that this was a wonderful concept and a easy one to contribute to as it only takes a metre of fabric for one pillowcase. I found a easy pillowcase pattern that takes only 30 mins to make a pillowcase so check this link. .

 This shows June, Sheree lani and I making the pillowcases. We made 31 that day and everyone went home early as we had meet our target by 1.30pm. I was the cutter and at times was nearly sacked as some segments were wider but they all coped. Sheree became the ironing lady and did a wonderful job. Lani, Peggy and June were the sewers with Jenni our staff for the morning was the overlocker lady and finished the last seams. It was good team work and we all had a fun time.
A special mention for Peggy as she made 9 pillowcases prior to attending the day and she was the expert seamstress on the day.

We had another 4 pillowcases dropped off by another customers so thank you to all that helped us that day. The pillow cases have been picked up and were received with thanks. We will be doing this Charity Day in November or December as it is a good cause that will need regular input and support.

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