Sunday, 29 July 2012

Indie helps Chris with a repair job

This is Indie my daughters cat that was given to her about 2 1/2  years ago by a friend  Indie was dumped at the vets and they needed to find a home for her or she would be put down. She is a lovely cat who at the moment loves being indoors (she hates the cold). We have to find her and throw her out at times. Her favorite spot is on Chris lap if he sits down particularly on the lounge at night. Indie loves her food and so we have to keep a eye on her as she will steal from our other cats.

I took this photo as Chris was servicing a sewing machine at home today. She jumped on his lap and watched with interest as he pulled it apart. 

"Now just remove that screw "

 "That's right lift the cover off, now be careful not to knock me of your lap. I need to keep a eye on you."

"This is the best viewing angle to see inside, what do you think?

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