Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Three Buck Block 2012

We have a Block of the month that is called the Three Buck Block these are the rules to participating in this program.

You have to purchase a product called Thangles to help you with each block pattern at a cost of $10.95 and these will make all 12 blocks. Thangles are very easy to use.  You never have to cut triangles or use 7/8" math, or square up every piece in your block.    

For $3 you receive 2 strips of fabric and a pattern for a block which is 9 1/2 inches when completed.Each month you will collect your pre-chosen fabric and the block pattern for $3.00. 

This link shows you how the Thangles work in making a block

1. The blocks are available from the beginning of each calendar month. You are entitled to purchase one block kit each month for $3 when you visit our store. You are entitled to only one block kit in your chosen colour way per month at the $3 price no matter how often you visit us.

2. You must visit our store at least once every month (on any day you choose during normal business hours) to be eligible for the $3 block kit price. If you can’t come in during a particular month(s) you must purchase the block kit for the month(s) you missed for $6 to once again be eligible for the $3 block kits.

3. You may purchase additional block kits for $6 (not every colour way may be available at times).

4. This is only available to personal shoppers. If you can't make it into Kornacraft Sewing Centre to pick up your block you will not be able to join this Block of the Month

These are the colour ways that are available this year African, Australian and Christmas.

The African is the most popular at present and is very colourful with the black fabric. It has 12 fabrics in total.

 The Australian colourway is in 2 colours of the orange for 6 months and the black fabric on the right for the others 6 months. The large print has been reserved for the finishing kits border available for purchase in the 11th month of the program.
 The Christmas fabrics are 2 red and 3 green fabrics over the 12 months.

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