Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sewing Machine tips (from an insider)

Have you ever tried to sew fine fabric like chiffon and find it just slides away from you as you sew, or struggled to sew a thick denim hem.

Here a tip that will help stop this problem for you.

Some sewing machines have a dial called pressure foot dial. Check your sewing machine manual as it will show you where to find it on your machine. It is usually on the left hand side of the machine above the presser foot. It often has numbers and sometimes has a picture of a pressure foot along side the numbers.

You can adjust the dial according to your fabric. For heavy fabrics like denim, you will need to turn the dial for less pressure this is often  #3 on the dial as the fabric will feed between the presser foot and the feeddogs. With lighter fabrics the dial is turned to #1 giving more pressure so the fabric is held securely and does not slide away from you. This will ensure that that the stitching is smooth and even as you will have greater control over your fabric will you sew. Because each machine is different, please refer to your sewing machine manual as a guide.

If you are considering a new machine this maybe a feature that you may want if you sew a range of fabrics. So ask your local sewing machine dealer which machines have this feature next time you visit.

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